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Offer a home and offer hope is the appeal from Kilkenny County Council as it prepares to welcome more Ukrainian refugees

The local authority's aware of 1,252 people from the war-torn country who are living locally with more due to arrive today (Tuesday)

“Offer a Home and Offer Hope”.

That’s the appeal from Kilkenny County Council as it seeks to find accommodation for Ukrainians settling locally.

There are 1,252 people from the war-torn country currently residing in Kilkenny with more due to arrive today (Tuesday) from City West.

At the December meeting of elected representatives Cllr Eugene McGuinness noted that while it’s right that we do what we can to assist those arriving he added that the local authority needs to stress-test the provision of offerings in areas including housing, health, education saying “It’s unfair on everyone if services are not there to take up what’s required”.

Already it seems school places at both primary and secondary level in the city are in short supply.

But Director of Services with responsibility for Ukrainian resettlement in Kilkenny, Fiona Deegan is confident that her team and the local Community Forum have the situation in check.

What they do need is more accommodation and while a number of buildings are being looked at across the country, the call’s going out to individuals who might have a vacant home that would be available for about six to 12 months – participants can avail of a recognition payment or €800 tax credit each month.

Speaking to KCLR News’ Edwina Grace after the gathering, she reacted to Cllr McGuinness’ call, spoke of the contribution being made by the Ukrainian community locally and invited anybody considering offering a vacant home for six to 12 months to contact offerahome.ie, by contacting the Kilkenny Ukrainian Crisis Unit at [email protected] or by calling (056) 7794000.

Hear the conversation in full here: