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Olive oil, coffee pods and dishwasher tablet sales soar as people spend more time at home during Covid-19

Figures were released by Supervalu showing what was selling most during the pandemic

There’s been an increase in sales of bottles of olive oil, coffee pods and dishwasher tablets as people spend more time at home and in the kitchen.

According to figures from SuperValu, it has reported an 80 per cent increase in olive oil sales, since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

The store reports a 100 per cent increase in coffee pod sales and a 60 per cent rise in sharing size chocolate bars.

Meanwhile, the need to clean up more often in the kitchen has seen a 60 per-cent rise in sales of dishwasher tablets.

However, shoppers are also craving healthy food, and according to figures from SuperValu there’s also a rise in banana sales, which could be linked to the rise in people reportedly making banana bread.