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‘On Your Bike’ is the call from Carlow councillor Fergal Browne to his council colleagues

Aim is to lead by promoting the new system

It could be a case of ‘On Your Bike’ for Carlow’s councillors.

€2.5million in Active Travel Investment Grants was allocated to 24 projects across the county with a significant number of these in the town municipal district alone.

At their monthly gathering, the public representatives for the central urban area had a run-through of where each of their projects are at.

And Cllr Fergal Browne had a suggestion for his colleagues, calling on them to head off together on bicycles to promote the routes.  He told KCLR News “There’s ultimately a huge amount of money being spent in Co Carlow under Active Travel and that’s promoting walking and cycling throughout the town and connecting up with links between areas and we have cycle lanes gone in recently at the Fair Green and Green Lane and other places around the town and I suppose it’s up to us as public representatives to give a lead and I’m suggesting we should go on our bikes some day and promote cycling in the town and certainly it’s key now that we have these cycle lanes that we are promoting them and getting them in use”.

Cllr Browne adds “Look, I do a little bit of cycling myself but not as much as I’d like and I would be keen myself to see how it is to cycle in the town with the new system in place, you’d imagine it’s a lot safer and it’s ironic to see people on e-scooters now using them, that’s a reflection on changes in transport around our urban areas, and people have e-scooters now and are using the cycle lanes so it’s a question of safe transport and people getting out in the fresh air and exercising”.