One ward opens and another closes as St Luke's Hospital reports 40 on trolleys today
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One ward opens and another closes as St Luke’s Hospital reports 40 on trolleys today

For the third day in a row, St Luke’s Hospital is in the top five most overcrowded hospitals in the country.

There are 40 patients on trolleys today according to the latest INMO figures.

Cork and Waterford University Hospitals are the only two hospitals in the country that are busier than St Luke’s today.

In a statement to KCLR News this lunchtime, the Ireland East Hospital Group says St Luke’s staff are doing everything possible to reduce delays and discharge any patients who can be discharged as quickly as possible.

They also say they’re currently down 30 beds due to maintenance and upgrade works being carried out on Surgical Ward 2.

That work is scheduled to be completed by the 6th of November and in the meantime the day ward is being used for patients who would normally have been in Surgical 2.

Meanwhile, another ward that had been closed has now been reopened.

The 14 beds in Ward 7 are now back in use again.

The hospital group says they regret the inconvenience being caused to patients.