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Plenty of good samaritans locally it seems with found money handed in for safe keeping

There have been a number of cases in the past week alone

Hold on to your cash – that seems to be the main message as there’s been a number of findings of money locally in the past week or so.

At this time of year it’s not unusual for some people to carry around a little more than usual to maybe pay for home heating or other bills, or perhaps to help with purchases for Christmas.

And, despite things being a little tighter than usual for many, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues it can be easy to make a mistake, get lost in a daydream and forget to take your cash from the ATM or drop it as you get distracted.

However, we seem to live in a good pocket of the world where much of the money found is handed in for safekeeping.

On Wednesday (4th November) we reported how a significant sum was picked up in the city area (read about that here).

A lady was later that day reunited with her €500 which had been found by local lad Andrew Doran & handed into MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre where Marion Acreman & her team looked after it well.

It seems Ferrybank’s been having its fair share of findings, with this the most recent and second or possibly even third of the week:

Meanwhile, we’ve been contacted by a local woman who lost €120 in the Newpark area of Kilkenny last Monday (2nd November).  If you found it, we’d love to put you in contact with her.

KCLR has a lost & found section and we’re here to help, simply ring 1890 90 96 96 to log what you’ve lost or found.