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Price rise predicted for new cars to encourage more greener vehicles on the roads of Carlow, Kilkenny & beyond

Idea is that those who buy cars with average or above average emissions would pay more tax

People buying average new cars could see the price rise by €1,000.

The government’s Tax Strategy Group wants an overhaul of the Vehicle Registration Tax ahead of October’s budget.

According to the Irish Independent, buyers of new cars with ‘average’ or ‘above average’ emissions would pay more tax – to encourage more greener vehicles on our roads.

Science Journalist Sean Duke says the proposed changes would also boost the State’s finances commenting “People don’t seem to be responding to the incentives that they have in place, you know, to force people off petrol & diesel cars they’re going to increase the costs and that’s one way, of course there’s revenue involved here because, you know, as people move towards electric cars they’re going to use less petrol & diesel so, you know, they need to compensate for the loss of revenue so that comes into the thinking as well”.