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Publicans in Carlow and Kilkenny feel they’re being ignored by government

Fianna Fail's John McGuinness met with more than 30 from the industry in Kilkenny yesterday

Publicans are feeling ignored by the Government according to a local TD.

Fianna Fail’s John McGuinness met with more than 30 from the industry in Kilkenny yesterday and heard that many need financial support due to the impact of Covid-19, with some saying they won’t be able to stay afloat without it.

Deputy McGuinness has been telling KCLR News that the recent stimulus package did not support the vintners directly as it should have.

And he says it’s something that will have to be dealt with:

“They’re looking for certainty in relation to a short-term plan and then as much certainty as possible in the context of a long-term plan. These are family businesses that haven’t traded for a number of months and they’re feeling left aside by the government, and I feel that’s not good enough. So a case will be made for them and their issues will have to be raised and dealt with from government level.”

Meanwhile, the T├ínaiste says he’d like to have a financial support package for pubs and nightclubs ready at the end of the month if they’re forced to stay closed for longer.

The re-opening has been delayed until August 31st over concerns about the levels of coronavirus.

Leo Varadkar has warned some sectors may not be able to open again for many months.

He’s hopeful a financial support package can be put in place if the re-opening of pubs and nightclubs is delayed further:

“If it is the case that on the 28th August we’re saying that you can’t reopen, I would like to be in a position at that same Cabinet meeting to have a package of additional financial supports for the pubs and nightclubs, recognising that they’re a sector that have been ordered by government to stay closed longer than everyone else.”