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Rent prices still on the rise in Kilkenny and Carlow

The cost of renting in Kilkenny and Carlow is continuing to rise.

That’s according to property website daft dot ie who have released their figures for the last 3 months of 2017.


The cost of renting a home in Kilkenny went up 7.9% compared to the same time a year before.

That works out at an average of €859  a month, twice the cost of what it was when it hit its lowest ever figure.

In Carlow, you can expect to pay around €826  a month which is a 9.1% jump in a year, that’s up 39% from its lowest point.

The average cost of monthly rent in Ireland at the moment is €1227 euro, which is the seventh quarter in a row that the price has risen and is an all time high.

In other cites across Ireland, the average monthly rent is €1822 euro in Dublin, €1180 in Cork and €835 euro in Waterford.