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RIC debacle ‘blown out of proportion’ according to Carlow man chairing the expert group

Dr Maurice Manning says the reaction from some quarters to the planned commemoration has been vicious

The Carlow man who is chairperson of the expert group behind Ireland’s centenary celebrations says the RIC debacle has been blown out of all proportion.

Dr Maurice Manning, who’s from Bagenalstown, says Charlie Flanagan’s original idea was for a small, low-key ceremony.

However, someone along the line dropped the ball and started calling it a state event and sending out invites.

It had to be postponed after huge public outrage this week because of the association with the Black and Tans.

Speaking on KCLR’s The Way It Is, Dr Manning says the reaction from some quarters has been vicious. “That was the most frightening thing. It was as if a stone was turned over and a lot of very ugly things crept out”