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Seanad hopeful says South Kilkenny Councillors seeking funding for roads are “stuck in the 20th century”

Elected members are seeking to get 2 major road projects in the region funded

An environmental campaigner says South Kilkenny Councillors are stuck in the last century.

Sadhbh O’Neill, a lecturer on climate policy is running as an independent candidate for an upcoming Seanad bye-election.

Her comments come as a campaign to get upgrades to the N-24 and N-25 funded is growing.

Local Councillors are to meet with Dáil Deputies in the region next week.

They want them put the pressure on Government to reverse the apparent shelving of the 2 major roads projects after they were left out of the TII’s funding plans for this year.

Sadhbh O’Neill told KCLR’s The Way it is that seeking extra funding for roads is not compatible with our Climate action plan and ignores the fact that we are in the middle of a climate crisis:

“We need a 21st century approach which is about sustainable mobility”

Ms O’Neill said we need to rethink our attitude to transport:

“We’re not just always jumping into the car to go everywhere and that we’re not just seeing roads as a vehicle for economic development”



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