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Lack of STI services for Carlow students putting pressure on GPs

Dr Theresa Lowry-Lehnen says lack of local STI services is putting pressure on GPs and other healthcare services

A Carlow Lecturer and nurse practitioner is calling for the reinstatement of the free clinic in Carlow town because she says students in Carlow have limited or no access to STI services.

Dr Theresa Lowry-Lehnen says the lack of STI services in the South East is putting pressure on GP and student healthcare services.

There’s been no free clinic in Carlow Town for the past three years while there’s only a limited service at the SETU Carlow campus.

Dr Lowry-Lehnen says: ”There are a number of areas in Ireland where provision and ease of access to free STI clinics are limited and Carlow definitely falls into that category.”

”The Waterford STI clinic is currently not providing a service at the moment. They hope to be back up and running shortly but that does leave the South East students with limited provision at the moment. It does put a strain on GP practices and student health services” she said.

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