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TEEN TIPS: 10 tips for enjoying your weekend at home

Be grateful, be kind and phone somebody who makes your laugh

A positive attitude is so important as people face into another weekend of lockdown, says a Kilkenny youth worker.

Schools programme coordinator with Ossory Youth, Jacinta Purcell, says as it is now technically the start of the Easter holidays for schools so parents and young people should give themselves a break.

“If you are a student in an exam year, take a break from school work.

“You’re doing really under the circumstances and the schools are fantastic keeping in touch with students. But you do actually need the break as well from school work.

“Phone somebody or video call somebody who you know will make you laugh, because that’s important as well.”

She says teens at home could follow these 10 tips:

1: If you are a student studying for exams, take a break from schoolwork over the weekend.

2: Phone or video call someone who makes you laugh.

3: For parents of younger children too, make an Easter door wreath out of materials you find at home.

4: Make a nice meal for your family or help out with it (learn to cook/bake)

5: Start a gratitude journal. Write one thing each day you are thankful for.

6: Do a random act of kindness for someone.

7: Go for a walk and look and listen around for nature.

8: Watch your favourite movie.

9: Play a board game (or make up a new board game).

10: Put together a list of new things that you always wanted to try but didn’t have the time.