The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme – Playlist: 2/3/2013

Rescue – Echo And The Bunnymen
The Killing Moon – Echo And The Bunnymen
Western Sky – Mark Eitzel
I Know The Bill Is Due – Mark Eitzel
Blue And Gray Shirt – Mark Eitzel
Something Outnumbered – Windings
Rain Finally Came – Eoin Glackin
Microchip – Protobaby
I Asked Her To The Dance – The Vincents

I Should Have Known – The Spiritual Leaders
Parcels – Solar Taxi
Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin
Blowin’ Free – Wishbone Ash
I Won’t Be Your Fool Anymore – Celine Carroll
Harmony Springs – Snowgoose
It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama) – Phosphorescent
Egon And Gertie – Rachel’s
Oxygene (Part 4) – Jean Michel Jarre