The Farm Show

The Farm Show – Sponsored by – 18/4/2019

(Presented tonight by Martin Bridgeman)

First up was an interview with Thomas Ryan, a regular contributor to the Farm Show. He’s Environment Executive with the IFA and he spoke with Matt about recent Smart Farming initiatives, what farming can do in this and the real benefits they’ve seen. He also gave an update on the Nitrates derogation issues. The IFA is preparing a set of proposals to Government on the issue at present.

Matt also spoke with Mike Lambe, lead vet at the Lacken Veterinary Practice. He outlined to Matt what his current work involves this spring and some of the animal health challenges.

We heard from the CEO of the National Dairy Council, Zoe Kavanagh, in a recording done recently after the recent IFM dairy conference. She spoke to Matt about the challenges facing the Irish Dairy Sector and the potential future of the sector in particular around more environmental issues, especially around grass and water quality. She also commented on consumer issues and potential health risks, especially for young women considering a dairy-free diet. (apologies for some sound issues)

We had the weekly Farm Diary sponsored by Tullow Mart, their own Mart Report from Tuesday last with Eric Driver and George Candler joined us from Kilkenny Mart to give the Kilkenny Mart Report.