KCLR Wedding Showcase
The Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by glanbiaconnect.com – 3/12/2020

Including the Kilkenny Lions Club Farm Auction #2

This week’s Farm Show (sponsored by Glanbiaconnect.com) included the second week of the Lions Club Christmas Farm Auction.

While George candler and his fellow Lions ran the auction, Matt spoke to Andrew O’Carroll about the severe delays in the forestry licencing system.

Matt also chatted to William Hutchinson of Kells about his easy care sheep which featured on this week’s Ear To The Ground TV programme.

Teagasc’s John Maguire reported on upcoming Teagasc events including a virtual cattle seminar on next Thursday evening. John also encouraged farmers to do soil sampling at this time. He outlined the new regulations around fencing of watercourses and preventing run-off from farm roadways.

Eric Driver and George Candler reported on the latest livestock prices.

KCLR Wedding Showcase