The Farm Show

The Farm Show – Sponsored by – 4/10/2018

Tonight was a celebration of the humble spud. First tonight Matt spoke with Lorcan Burke of Bord Bia on the origins of the potato and it’s integral part of the Irish diet. Joining us on the phone was Kilkenny potato grower Eddie Doyle from Mooncoin who outlined the market prospects and volumes for this season.

Matt spoke with Robbie Walker, CEO of Keenans spoke to us about an upcoming conference which will explore the future trends in farming

Matt interviewed the Macra Young Farmer of the Year, Danie Hawthorne, who is about to embark on a 12,000 hen free range egg enterprise.

Richard O’Brien of Teagasc told Matt in a recent interview that the fodder gap is narrowing and that the present autumn weather is improving matters.

We had the weekly Farm Diary sponsored by Tullow Mart and George Candler  joined us from Kilkenny Mart to give the Kilkenny Mart Report.

Incidentally, our informal survey on the best way to enjoy a potato fell in favour of the roast with boiled a close second, the Rooster being the favoured variety.