The Farm Show

The Farm Show – Sponsored by – 9/5/2019

Tonight we started the show by catching up with Olin Greenan, a dairy farmer in New Zealand who, along with other farmers, is coming to the end of a prolonged drought. Olin also outlined the new challenges being experienced by farmers due to government imposed methane emission restrictions and spoke to Matt about life at this time of the year.

Paddy Bruton of Forestry Services Ireland joined us to discuss the challenges and issues around farm forestry and suggested that most farms had unproductive lands that could be converted to forestry. He also spoke about the drought relief scheme coming to a close tomorrow.(10/5/2019).

Jim Mulhall updated us on the recent Agri Aware Farm Open Day in Ballitore. He spoke to us about the benefits of the recent open day to inform non farmers about the issues around dairy farming as part of the ongoing Agri Aware project we spoke about on last week’s show. (For reasons of time we broadcast an edited form of the interview. The full interview is below)

We had the weekly Farm Diary sponsored by Tullow Mart, their own Mart Report from Tuesday last with Eric Driver and George Candler joined us from Kilkenny Mart to give the Kilkenny Mart Report.