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The History Show Episode 1: The Contextualisation of Kilkenny, Ireland, and the World in 1922

The History Show: Episode 1 - 23rd August 2022

In this introductory episode of The History Show, we explore the contextualisation of Kilkenny, Ireland, and the world in 1922. 

Sinead McCoole, Curator of Mná 100, an online resource that’s part of the National Commemorations Unit speaks about the national and international context in 1922.

Historian Eoin Swithin Walsh tells us about the state of affairs in Kilkenny in 1922.

Ryland House’s Ann Neary explains what people ate in Kilkenny at the time, and how they cooked it.

Oral Historian Adrian Roche outlines some of the marching bands in Kilkenny at the time, and we hear about the major stories from the Kilkenny People in January 1922.