The Way It Is

The Way It Is with Matt O’Keeffe; Tuesday 4th October 2022


The Way It Is:

Matt O’Keeffe is in for Sue Nunn today.

Michael Morrissey of Laharts talks about the rise in sales of electric vehicles.

Tom Parlon, Director General at Construction Industry Federation, on the concrete levy.

Dillon O’Reilly chats with Matt about SETU Irish Space Opportunities RELEVANCE.

Glenn Tector talks about pumpkin picking that is coming to Kilkenny this month.

Sean Kelly, MEP, on the common charger.

Dr. Paula Greally talks about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and influenza.

Hollie Kearns, Project Curator at Butler Gallery, on what they are doing for Savour Kilkenny.

John Moynihan gives us a look into the history show.

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