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Three quarters of Covid-19 cases yesterday were people under the age of 45

It was the highest number of cases in six weeks with no new cases reported locally

Three-quarters of the 40 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in the Republic yesterday involved people under the age of 45.

It was the highest number of cases in six weeks, bringing the total number to 25,929.

None of yesterday’s new cases were reported locally, so the Carlow total stands at 179, while Kilkenny remains at 356.

No new deaths were recorded, meaning the death toll remains at 1,764.

Dr Mike Ryan, from the World Health Organisation, says many countries have a spike in cases when restrictions are lifted:

“I think what is clear is that countries that have implemented control measures have supressed the virus and when those measures to suppress the virus are lifted, the virus returns, and every single country where pressure has been lifting on the virus, the virus returns, where the virus is still at community levels, there’s been a jump back in cases”.