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Travel Talk on KCLR Breakfast (Friday, 26th March 2021)

Tom Britton joins our John Walsh every Friday after 9am to talk travel

Technology and travel.

Sure, there’s a lot involved when transporting people across the globe; from booking a holiday to the method of transport, we’re well used to the various aspects.

But new forms are always being introduced as Tom Britton of Marble City Travel’s been outlining in his latest chat on KCLR Breakfast with John Walsh.

There’s talk of facial recognition at Disney World, vaccinated cruises and how in-flight films are selected.

As part of the pair’s chat on what’s likely to happen when the world opens up for holidays and such, they looked at some new routes and how the best advice in general is going to be pick one country and don’t aim to hop between a few on a single trip.

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As has become the norm, there were queries on vaccinations and quarantine as well as price comparisons between Irish hotels and their counterparts elsewhere.

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