Ceol Anocht: Show #9 - 9/1/2018
Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #9 – 9/1/2018


Tonight’s edition of Ceol Anocht on KCLR, presented by Martin Bridgeman, featuring music from: Emma Langford, Laura Mulcahy, Roxy Music, Autamata, Rick Shea & The Losin’ End, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh Ft. Séamus Begley, James Vincent McMorrow, Yes, The Flag Listeners, Prefab Sprout, Noel Hill/Tony Linnane, Matt McGinn, Lewis and Leigh, Adrian Crowley, Elvis Presley, The Olllam, Jack O’Rourke, Eric Matthews, Mavis Staples, Greenshine, The Martin Hayes Quartet

Tonight’s show will  be available on the Irish RadioPlayer App until 11/1/2018.

…and here’s the playlist:

Quiet Giant Emma Langford
Cuckoo Laura Mulcahy
Both Ends Burning Roxy Music
Effervescent Autamata
Goodbye Alberta Rick Shea & The Losin’ End
An Sciobairín Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh Ft. Séamus Begley
Rising Water James Vincent McMorrow
Going For The One Yes
Sitting On Your Shoulders The Flag Listeners
Bonny Prefab Sprout
The Humours Of Ballyconnell/Drunken Landlady / Ryan’s Reel Noel Hill/Tony Linnane
I’m Not Looking Down Anymore Matt McGinn
Muirisín Deas Is Nóra Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
Rubble Lewis and Leigh
Lullaby to A Lost Astronaut Adrian Crowley
American Trilogy Elvis Presley
Bridge Of Glllass The Olllam
Silence Jack O’Rourke
Forging Plastic Pain Eric Matthews
Love And Trust Mavis Staples
The Girl In The Lavender Dress Greenshine
Port Sadhbh The Martin Hayes Quartet
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