Covid-19 latest: 20 cases in Carlow & Kilkenny, 183 nationally, 6 more deaths

Kilkenny and Carlow now 3rd and 7th respectively on the list of worst performing counties.

Infection rates are rising in Carlow and Kilkenny with 20 new Covid-19 cases despite the national figure dropping below 200.

6 people have died with the virus in the last 24 hours and 183 new cases have been confirmed.

11 are in Kilkenny and 9 in Carlow putting the 2 counties respectively on 3rd and seventh on the list of worst performing counties.

Kilkenny’s 14-day incidence rate is up 2 to 147 per 100,000 with Carlow rising from 93 to 98 per 100,00 compared to the national average of 80.

The general manager of St Luke’s says she’s confident the high numbers of Covid-19 cases in the local hospital will be back down to low levels by next week.

They have been forced to shut down all outpatient clinics and elective surgeries until Tuesday with 34 patients being treated for the coronavirus.

There were also 17 people waiting for beds on Thursday morning and we’re all being asked to stay away except in the case of an urgent emergency.

Anne Slattery’s told KCKR she expects the figures to come back down quickly and normal services will then be resumed on Tuesday.