Covid-19 latest: 3 deaths, 606 cases, with up to 14 in Carlow & Kilkenny

Kilkenny has had 10 new cases reported by NPHET

There have been three more coronavirus-related deaths and 606 new Covid-19 cases with up to 14 in Carlow and Kilkenny.

Kilkenny has had 10 new cases reported by NPHET and the infection rate has gone up as a result but it’s but still the lowest in the country with 40 cases per 100,000 people over the past fortnight.

Carlow has had less than five new cases and is now in eight place with Tipperary jumping to 7th.

Carlow’s 14-day incidence rate has dropped to 162 per 100,000 with the national average now at 160.

Dr. Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, said: “The vast majority of people are making a huge sacrifice and missing time with loved ones in order for us to stay on course with the public health guidance.

However, we know that in the week ending March 14th, approximately one-in-ten people visited another household for social reasons, with most of these visits involving time spent indoors. While this clearly demonstrates that the vast majority of people are sticking with the public health guidance, it does represent a significant change versus January when just one in 20 people were visiting other homes for social reasons. Please continue to stick with the public heath advice and avoid visiting other homes at this time – do not give this virus the opportunities it is seeking to spread.”