4 day Kilkenomics festival kicks off later

4 day Kilkenomics festival kicks off later


lossy-page1-220px-Kilkenomics_logo.tiffYou won’t know whether to laugh or cry as funny men and financial experts take to the stage between this evening and Sunday.

The Kilkenomics festival has attracted global economists such as Diane Coyle and Mark Blyth as well as David McWilliams, Ronan Lyons and Colm McCarthy from Ireland, to name but a few.

Amongst the comedians are Des Bishop, Ardal O’Hanlon and David O’Doherty.

It promises to be both educational and entertaining.

Its understood the event is drawing audiences from Ireland, England and Germany.

The Sun Nunn Show to mark Kilkenomics will be broadcasting live from the Set Theatre tomorrow, Friday.