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Tullow mart manager says the future of the industry is in a “harmony” of both online and in-person transactions

1,700 farmers across the country were interviewed by the agribusiness firm

A local mart manager says the future of that industry is in a “harmony” of both online and in-person transactions.

It’s after over 70% of farmers say they want online buying and selling of animals in marts to continue into the future.

Seven out of eight surveyed say broadband is now essential, with over half using herd and breeding software on their farms.

1,700 farmers across the country were interviewed by agribusiness firm, IFAC which has offices in both Carlow and Kilkenny.

Its Head of Farm Supports, Philip O’Connor says the past year has seen an accelerated use of technology on farms.

While the Manager of Tullow Mart, Eric Driver, has been telling KCLR News that the online option certainly looks to be viable locally, saying “The old fashioned way is longed by some and many and we look forward when we do get back around the ring again but it’ll be a harmony of both and that will bring the best of both worlds together and we in Tullow Mart are certainly looking forward to that day”.

He adds there have been many benefits to buying and selling online, noting “It has brought a new level of business into the mart industry for us as mart managers, owners and business people and that being transparent is never more evident than it is now with an online facility and it gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind and comfort to know that they can watch, for sellers mainly they can watch their stock being sold and prices, they don’t have to be on mart premises, they can get on with their farm work and their farm business and they can watch it online and also then for buyers it gives them the freedom of purchase, that they’re not being looked at around the ring, they can do their own business quietly and work away online”.