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Accommodation and transport causing difficulty for development of SETU Carlow

TD's met with President of the University, Veronica Campbell, to issues affecting students

The development of the SETU campus in Carlow is facing significant challenges in terms of housing and transportation.

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor was among the local TDs who met with Professor Veronica Campbell, President of the new University, in Waterford yesterday.

Transport and accommodation were on the agenda for the meeting as well as other issues that may arise in the first few years of the Universities

She told KCLR news that they talked about future issues, including St. Pat’s Carlow, but she was pleased overall:

“There was a lot of positivity and it was all about all of us working together. We are a university now which is absolutely marvelous. We’re going to have another meeting in six months and we’re going to speak about the challanges, look there will be challanges, you know, there’s a lot of extra courses that are being looked at which is really important and of course i spoke about Carlow St. Pats”