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Action needed urgently on dangerous stretch of Kilkenny-Castlecomer road

A call has been made for urgent action to be taken on a stretch of the main Kilkenny to Castlecomer road.

A section of the route at Webbsborough, just north of The Cave bar, has been the scene of many a bad crash and local Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick says its a matter that has to be addressed.

He raised it at the monthly meeting of elected members for the Castlecomer District earlier today and was told that Transport Infrastructure Ireland has committed to a review to see if there is an issue with the road surface.

Councillor Fitzpatrick told KCLR news that must happen as a matter of urgency:

“It’s imperative that the TII and Kilkenny county council investigate this section of roadway and talk to all of the other services that have had to come to the scene, like the Fire Brigade and the Garda Síochána who’ve had to come to the scene of many an accident out there”