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All to play for at the moment in the race for the White House

It'll be some time before we see who will be declared the next US President

Joe Biden has said he believes he’s on course to win the US Presidential Election.

But the race between him and Donald Trump is on a knife edge.

Both candidates have broken their silence this morning.

Joe Biden to say he believes he’s going to win and that people need to have patience as votes in key swing states are counted

While Donald Trump tweeted to say the Democrats are trying to steal the election he leads in.

Trump is ahead in the three key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But the Biden camp are confident they will flip those as hundreds of thousands of votes remain to be counted.

The race in Georgia is also seeing Biden chip away at a Trump lead.

But it’s all still to play for and it will be some hours before we have a good picture of who the next President of the United States will be