Almost 90% of job-hunters in Carlow and Kilkenny put off by lack of salary information on adverts

Nine out of ten people in Carlow and Kilkenny say the lack of salary information on job ads puts them off applying.

A new Employment Insights Survey by FRS recruitment explores a range of insights from employers and employees locally.

It found 64% of people in Carlow believe there will be more job opportunities available to them this year compared to 37% in Kilkenny.

70% of employees in Kilkenny and 76 % in Carlow said they expect to get a pay rise in the next 12 months although more than 60% would consider a pay cut if their job was at risk.

More than 90% of Carlow based employers and 66% in Kilkenny say the Ukraine conflict has impacted on their hiring outlook for the year.