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Another fake Garda incident reported in Co Kilkenny, this time in the Goresbridge area

It happened this (Friday) morning

You’re being urged to be on alert after another fake garda incident was reported locally this morning.

A man claiming to be a plainclothes Garda called to a house in Goresbridge between 10am and 10:30am but the occupant of the house became suspicious and the man left in a small dark car.

Sergent Gary Gordon has been describing to KCLR News what happened “He was claiming that he had found money and was asking the homeowner to check their money, now the homeowner became suspicious of him and the male left in a small dark car, he was wearing a shirt and tie”.

He adds “Sometimes unfortunately people will let them into the house and will actually hand them their money and they’re claiming then that they will check the money out in the car and then leave with the money so we’re just warning people at the moment if they do have somebody come to their door claiming to be from An Garda Síochána, to ask for their ID”.

Similar incidents have taken place locally in recent weeks, including South Kilkenny.