Fake guards have struck again locally

They claimed to be looking for counterfeit cash


Two men travelling in a blue car and impersonating Gardaí called to a house in South Kilkenny on Saturday last.

One of the men – described only as short in height – called to the door under the guise of checking for forged Euro currency.

When asked to produce a Garda ID he failed to do so and the canny householder didn’t hand over any cash.

Gardaí are appealing to anyone who noticed anything suspicious in the area to contact the station in Thomastown.

They are warning you to be vigilant with any stangers calling to your home, Always ask for identification and never leave them alone at your door.

If they say they are Gardai you should ask them for their full name and rank and take note of it.

Ask to see their Garda ID which has their name and photo, and check that these match. You can also contact your local Garda Station who can confirm the identity of the caller.