Blas Glas

Blas Glas: Interview – Noel Hill – 7/3/2016

It’s not often I get to interview someone who has made such a contribution to Irish music as Noel Hill, but I did today and it was worth the wait. He’s on his way down to Kilkenny to take part in TradFest 2016 and we’re in for a treat.

From his early start playing in the Clare tradition, to the legendary group “Inchiquin” and as a player on one of the defining Irish traditional albums of the 70’s with Tony Lindane, Noel Hill has held the tradition carefully in his hand and brought new audiences to the depth and beauty of the music both here and across the world. He’s also a fine teacher, bringing up a new generation of music enthusing them with fine tunes and great words of encouragement and fun.

We got to talk about longevity, what makes Irish music so special and, in a first, I got to hear a set of tunes played over a mobile phone from the Connemara cost.

Noel will play with Jack Talty and Cormac Begley in an evening of concertina music and you simply can’t miss it. Further details here and you can see more about Noel and his music here.