Blas Glas – Playlist : 17/2/2013
Blas Glas

Blas Glas – Playlist : 17/2/2013

Sheepskin Beeswax/Taybank Shenanigans/Superfly – Treacherous Orchestra
Good Men’s Shoes/El Cumbanchero – Harem Scarem
Bímís Ag Ól – Iarla Ó’Lionáird
Traditional French Tune – Kalissa Hernandez
Down the Back Lane/Only For Barney/Johnny O’Leary’s – Stevie Dunne
Chickens In The Garden – LAYLAM
Andante – 2nd Movement From Sonata in D/Daithí Sproule’s Waltz – Laoise Kelly
The Wolf Hour – Frankie Mulcahy
Lord Elcho’s Lament/Kafoozulum – Nuala Kennedy

Bonny Woodhall – Niamh Parsons
The Boys Of Barr Na Sráide – Niamh Parsons
Lori/One, Two, Three – Kan
Sir Patrick Spens – Anais Mitchell
Fruit Tree – Nick Drake
Lord Franklin – Kevin Burke/Micheal O’Domhnaill
Lament – Pat Coldrick