Blas Glas - Playlist : 24/6/2012
Blas Glas

Blas Glas – Playlist : 24/6/2012

Cyberia – Afro-Celt Soundsystem
The Naughty Step – Peatbog Faeries
Irishman – Tupelo
The Wild Rover – Luke Kelly
Pauline’s Place/Humours Of Westport/Sullies No. 6 – Friary Street
The Clare Reel – Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill
The Pure Drop/The Flax In Bloom – Séamus Ennis
The Lion/The Palm Tree/Hughie Jim Paul’s Reel – Laoise Kelly
Kerry’s Waltz/Flowerpot Frog – Tania Opland & Mike Freeman
Ae Fond Kiss – Eddi Reader
The Old Miner -Maddy Prior/June Tabor
I Hear Her Like Lorelei – Luka Bloom
Parlez-moi D’Amour – Linda Ronstadt/Ann Savoy
Matt Hyland – Andy Broderick with Ray Legg
The Gallowgate Lad – The Unthanks
When The Stars Shine – Ger Wolfe
Seothín Seó – Róisín Elsafty
Dear Prudence – LAU
Lament – Pat Coldrick