The Bottom Line Tuesday Sept 24 2013

Ah September ……..

Hard to believe that September is quickly drawing to a close.

It’s been a strange kind of September this year with no All Ireland in Kilkenny for a change and you know what they say ….. a change is as good as a rest.

But what is certain every September is the peculiarly Irish phenomenon of the National Ploughing Championships which are held this year close by in County Laois.

The “Ploughing” as it’s known is an annual reminder of the centrality of agriculture to the Irish economy and how agriculture impacts on business.

The “Bottom Line” this week had a strong Ploughing tinge as we spoke to some local companies who were plying their trade at the event.

Great also to talk to Mark Craddock of Maven TM in the wake of the visit by the Taoiseach to his premises last week. We’ve had Mark on the programme a number of times in recent years and have followed the growth in his business. A fantastic good news story.

As September “falls” into October the budget is just around the corner. Whats in store ? Who can say> One thing for certain most business people I speak to are greatly looking forward to getting the uncertainty and lack of clarity which goes hand in hand with the budget build up ouit of the way to enable a clear run at the crucial Quarter4.