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Businesses caught out in Carlow by counterfeit notes

Gardaí are calling for vigilance

Counterfeit notes are circulating in the Carlow area.

Gardaí have had reports from up to four local businesses caught out by the dud cash in recent days.

Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Peter McConnon says two denominations of the paper currency have been found so far but that doesn’t mean others aren’t out there, telling KCLR News “We just want people to be vigilant and be mindful that there are a number of counterfeit notes circulating in the Carlow area, to date people have been passed what are essentially dud fifty euro notes or dud ten euro notes, now that is not to say that whoever has these notes in circulation doesn’t have twenties and fives, other denominations as well”.

He has this advice; “If you are any way suspicious in relation to a note that has been passed into your business please just take all the precautions necessary, the feel or touch of it is going to tell quite a lot, if you’re not happy with it just bring it to the attention of the person that’s trying to pass it and certainly contact the gardaí as soon as possible”.