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Call for electric vehicle charging points at workplaces from Kilkenny Councillor Maria Dollard

The local Green Party representative says we sometimes focus on how bad things are instead of thinking about the possibilities

Every workplace should be thinking about installing charging points for electric cars.

That’s according to Kilkenny’s Green Councillor Maria Dollard.

The number of EVs being sold is increasing at a faster rate than expected but there are still lots of barriers discouraging many people from considering them.

Cllr Dollard has been telling KCLR’s Eco-Logical, presented last night by Ethna Quirke, that; “There’s a huge amount of work to be done I think they could do a lot more with regard to charging points in workplaces so when you’re in your work your car is charging so you leave every evening with a full charge on your car, that would really help people especially people living in terraced houses or people who don’t have driveways so they can’t get a charging point at their home”.

And she adds “There’s no reason why every school in the country shouldn’t have photovoltaic panels on the roof charging car charging points in the school grounds, there’s loads of opportunities in workplaces, community buildings; in Callan they have an EV solar-powered charging point so there’s a lot of work to be done but there’s a lot of solutions there and I think we tend to get stuck in the debate how bad things are instead of thinking about what are the possibilities”.