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Call going out to keep paths and streets in Kilkenny and Carlow clear for all who use them

That's the plea as the annual Make Way Day takes hold

Keep paths and streets clear for all who may need to use them.

That’s the plea as the annual Make Way Day takes hold.

Aim is to highlight the many ways somebody’s journey can be impeded, in particular for those with mobility issues or visual impairment as well as people pushing buggies.

Kilkenny man Eamon Cleere drives a motorised scooter and says there are many issues that are simple to rectify; “Bikes that are not parked up properly or cardboard boxes from restaurants from the night before not being put back in the right place, bins in front of houses – that’s a very big obstacle you know”.

He adds; “I remember one day I had to drive down Friary Street and there was a bin outside a house and I had to reverse the whole way back from the top of Friary Street because of a bin that was in the way which got me in a bad mood”.

And Eamon’s reminding that there are other issues; “Cars parked up on footpaths as well, I see one in right in front of me now which is difficult, like we’re just letting the public be aware of getting these obstacles out of the way for people pushing buggies, wheelchair users, members of National Council for the Blind”.

The call to action for today is if you come across an obstacle, take a photo and upload to website makewayday.com