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Carlow and Kilkenny families who’ve offered accommodation to those fleeing Ukraine to be contacted in next fortnight

20,000 people across the country have so far offered shelter

People across Carlow and Kilkenny who’ve offered accommodation to people fleeing the war in Ukraine can expect a call or a visit in the next two weeks to assess their suitability.

That’s according to the Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney on his visit to Kilkenny yesterday.

Minister Coveney was reviewing the 130 troops who are being deployed on a UN peacekeeping mission to Syria next month.

20,000 people have registered with the Irish Red Cross to take in refugees and 6,000 refugees are thought to have already arrived into this country.

Minister Coveney’s told KCLR News that the people who’ve pledged a room or a house will be contacted soon.

Hear his conversation with our Domhnall Doyle on this and more here:

Meanwhile, the United States says Russia’s military advances have largely stalled in Ukraine.

A senior US defence official says little progress was made over the weekend and Russia hasn’t taken any major cities or gained air superiority.

However loud blasts have been heard in the capital Kyiv this morning, though.

Ukrainian MP Alex Gon-char-enko believes Putin’s strategy isn’t working.

It’s as talks between the two sides will continue later – after Ukraine’s president described yesterday’s discussions as ‘pretty good’.

In his TV address, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s also addressed Russian soldiers directly – urging them to stop fighting.