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Carlow and Kilkenny to mark today’s Day for Survivors and Victims of Abuse

The unfolding situation in Ukraine will be marked at both local gatherings

Peace is the focus of two local church ceremonies which are set to take place.

One takes place in St John’s Church in Kilkenny on next week’s Ash Wednesday.

While from 7 o’clock this evening, to mark today’s Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Abuse, 60 minutes will be put aside at Carlow Cathedral from 7 o’clock which you can attend in person or join virtually through the webcam. (See here).

Bishop Denis Nulty’s involved with both and told KCLR News “I have a special hour of prayer for all victims of abuse and all the people who’ve survived and suffered in any way and also remembering the Ukrainian situation, let’s continue to pray for that and indeed next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday evening, in St John’s in Kilkenny I’ve a special Mass for peace as well it’s simply to really to put our heads together and work together on that”.

Bishop Nulty’s hour of prayer at Carlow Cathedral is from 7o’clock this (Friday) evening to mark the Day for Survivors and Victims of Abuse.

As part of that, he says those in Ukraine will be remembered; “It’s very serious and I worry hugely that the United Nations look to be hamstrung in what they can do because I think Russia currently preside over the particular security section, I think we need to speak with one voice on this, there are people suffering and we cannot let a war unfold in our eyes and ask ourselves ‘why did we do nothing?'”.

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