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Carlow Councillor calls on Government to deliver on promise made to medical student Racheal Diyaolu who was forced to flee Ukraine

Racheal Diyaolu told KCLR on Thursday that a place in a medical school here has not been made available to her so far

Carlow town Councillors are writing to Simon Harris to highlight the fact that Racheal Diyaolu has not been given the place she was promised in an Irish University.

The young Carlow woman was studying medicine in Ukraine but had to flee last February after the Russian Invasion.

When she got home to Ireland Racheal was promised by the Higher Education Minister that she and others would be allowed continue their education here.

On KCLR Live on Thursday Racheal told Eimear ní Bhraonáin that it hasn’t worked out like that though.

You can listen back to that interview here:

After hearing of Rachel’s plight on KCLR Councillor Adrienne Wallace brought the issue up at a district council meeting yesterday evening:

She says the government must be made to follow through on their promises:

“This is a young woman who is quite inspirational. She’s been through so much and has great aspirations for her own future. So to hear on KCLR that she has been left in limbo, it looks to me that the Government made promises that they couldn’t keep and I just though that really is unacceptable”