Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview : Michael Fitzgerald (Some Rise Some Fall) : 26/2/2021

Comhrá Covid

It’s been a pleasure to listen and play this album on the show. One of my tipped albums of the year in my opinion.It’s a rare gem.

This album/project was all set in train and directed to a conclusion by Michael Fitzgerald, a man with a deep love of songs and more than well able to persuade and curate. One of the good guys. We had lovely chat the other day and you will be struck immediately with his passion and commitment. A lot of work went in to this and his enthusiasm is infectious, so you’ll get a sense of how he persuaded people into the project.

“No Simple Highway” is a beautiful collection of songs, an old fashioned ‘album’, if you follow me. It’s for lovers of great songs, written by great songwriters of previous generations, interpreted and performed in turn by great Irish songwriters of this generation, with a talented supporting cast of great musicians and engineers. Ali say on air, it was really difficult to pick just four songs to feature but, then again, we can always come back to it on the show.

For all information on the album, check out the project website. It’s also available in all good record stores!