Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview : Sive – 20/4/2022

Sive has been consistently impressing people over her career, each single winning new fans and this new collection will impress many more. “We Begin in Darkness” is a beautifully realised collection of songs.

What instantly catches the ear is the attention to detail, the subtle shifts in lyric and musical accompaniments, the honesty and insight. Each of the singles have been impressive in their own ways but in the context of the album they form a powerful whole, each flowing through the dark in light insinuated in the title.

Recorded just before lockdown, the subsequent production of the album was done in unexpected circumstances, but the end result has not been obviously affected, as far as the listeners experience.

We chat about the making of the album and how the recording process differed from before. We discuss more besides.

Further details on the album, tour details and videos are all available on Sive’s website¬†and the album its officially released on April 28th.