Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht – Interview – Tanoki (22/11/2022)

Paul Mahon is a creative powerhouse. As a film maker and visual artist, he has graced the stages (invisibly)  in many contexts, providing visuals for bands and other live events.He is much sought after videographer in a variety of commercial contexts.

As Gepetto, and lately as Tanoki, he has forged his musical path, impressing many of his peers and gaining some serious credibility as a musician, with with a variety of collaborators, most notable Libyan/Irish musician Farah Elle, who provides seriously impressive guest vocals on most tracks on his debut album “File/New”.

It was my unquestioned Album Na Seachtaine in 2021, and one of my questions was whether we would ever see a live performance.

It has come to pass, and on Friday, November 25th, we’ll see the “File/New” album get its local launch, performed with full visuals at the Set Theatre.

We caught up in the lead up to the gig, chat about how things had been and what was planned. As always happens when the pair of us, we ramble a bit, hopefully in an interesting way!

Full detail on Tanoki here and on Pauls’ other projects and concert details are to be found here