Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #114 – 5/2/2019

Tonight’s show will  be available on the KCLR App until 7/2/2019

…and here’s the playlist:

The Grind David Ayers Trio
A Tight Ship David Gray
Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles
You’ve Got Me Sarah Buckley
Country Roads Town The Artisanals
The Powerbook Mel Mercier Ft. Fiona Shaw
I Gave Away My Home Blackbird & Crow
Mannish Boy Muddy Waters/The Band
Flower Of The Mountain Kate Bush
Blue Eyes Jealous Of The Birds
Chasing You J J Cale
The Machine Sharon Shannon Feat. Susan O’Neill
Just As I Am S-Koa
The Shadow Of A Gunman Mel Mercier
Foreign Correspondent Joe Chester
The Perilous Tree Richie Healy
The Guests Leonard Cohen
Jazz Pierce Turner
Lily In The Garden John Blek
New Familiar Steve Gunn
When Tom Waits Up The Remedy Club
Empire Of Old Hidden Highways
Singularity Darlingside
The Bittersweet March This Is How We Fly