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Ceol Anocht: Show #616 – 23/11/2023

Music Room Sessions

Overtone Touch Excellent
Cereal Nealo Feat. Morgana / Rach / Uly
Happyness (The Holy Roman Army Remix) Frankenstein Bolts
Before The Fall (Mix 01) The Southern Fold
Jonah Theo Fitzgibbon
Nothing As Hard As Love Driven Snow
Eskimo Beach Boy Ten Speed Racer
What Colour Would Our Friendship Be Nealo Feat. Rebel Phoenix
The Female Cabin Boy Bring Your Own Hammer With Eileen Gogan
Loves Not Through With You Yet Tim V. Smyth
Forever In My Mind Luan Parle
The Parting Glass Boygenius + Ye Vagabonds
Marlay / Tiúin Emma Oisín Mac Cinnéide