KCLR Wedding Showcase
Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #70 – 4/9/2018

Tonight’s show will  be available on the KCLR App until 6/9/2018

…and here’s the playlist:

You Don’t Know Surreal Audio
The Somnabulist Echo And The Bunnymen
Living For The City Stevie Wonder
Stupid Heart Don’t Fear The Natives
Willy Moore John Smith
Left Alone Malcolm Holcombe
Takes So Long ABQ
Last Day Of Summer Magnet
Have A Cigar Pink Floyd
Shadows For The Disappeared Hedfuzy
The Oak Tree/The Laurel Tree/Moll & Tiarna Full Set
Blue Murder Jack Keeshan
I Don’t Wanna Disappear Malcolm Holcombe
Better Times Roy Thompson
The Escape Artist Odi
Fountain Of Sorrow Jackson Browne
Garden Of Ireland Mancini
Stones And Silence The Lost Gecko
Down With The Universe David Corley
First Light Richard & Linda Thompson
Come Together Vyvienne Long
Man Of Few Words This Is How We Fly
KCLR Wedding Showcase