KCLR Wedding Showcase
Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #72 – 11/9/2018

Tonight’s show will  be available on the KCLR App until 13/9/2018

…and here’s the playlist:

Girl O Emperor
People Want Peace Paul McCartney
Frederick Patti Smith
Trin Slow Moving Clouds
Abiquiu Jeremy Nail
Pictureshow Engine Alley
Walk With Me Marc O’Reilly
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Marvin Gaye
Street Spirit (Fade Out) Radiohead
Chicago Vickers Vimy
The Portumna Workhouse / The Hurling Boys Of Portumna Cherish The Ladies
Pick Up My Pieces Julie Neff
Babaganoush Eoin Dillon
Motherland Garadice
Fool Engine Alley
Born A Stranger Melissa Greener
Another Wren Duke Special
These Arms Of Mine Otis Redding
Night Time Jenny Lindfors
The Trees They Grow Tall Landless
One World John Martyn
ypsilon Olafur Arnalds
Sea Song Laura Mulcahy
Idumea Gwenifer Raymond
Lament for Fr. Pat Noise Eoin Dillon


KCLR Wedding Showcase