Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #80 – 23/10/2018

Tonight’s show will  be available on the KCLR App until 25/10/2018

…and here’s the playlist:

Neon Lights The Innocent Bystander
Dance x 3 Clare Sands / Jimmy Smyth
Big Country Big Country
Circling The Sun Saville
One More Mile Colin James
Under The City Slow Moving Clouds
Woodstock Matthews Southern Comfort
Yer Blues The Beatles
Little Light Maker Linda Em
The Prophet Speaks Van Morrison
Don’t Look Now Elvis Costello
Ambrose Moloney’s / Support From America No. 1 Paddy Tutty / Caoimhín O’Fearghail
Symmetry Runabay
Drops Slow Moving Clouds
The Best Me Roy Thompson
Matchbox David Keenan
Chance Big Country
Juliette Walking In The Rain Joe Chester
Yogi With A Broken Heart Pierce Turner
The Bones Of You Elbow
Natural Blue Julie Byrne
When We Were Trees Ye Vagabonds
Bádaí Na Scadáin Gerry O’Connor